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The “Resolution of Credit and Other Institutions (Amendment) Law of 2014” designates the Central Bank of Cyprus as the new Resolution Authority
Following the approval of the above amending law on 19 June 2014, the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) is designated as the new Resolution Authority. 更多阅读
The Central Bank of Cyprus (Amendment) Law of 2014
The aim of the new amendment to the Central Bank of Cyprus Law [138(I)/2002] is to accommodate specific recommendations of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB) on the macro-prudential mandate of national central banks in the framework of the oversight of the financial systems. 更多阅读
Announcement by the Ministry of Finance - Relaxation of Restrictive Measures on Banking Transactions

On 28 March 2014, the Ministry of Finance announced relaxations on the 28th Decree on the Enforcement of Temporary Restrictive Measures on Transactions.

Cyprus announces further easing of bank restrictions
Further easing of the restrictions on bank transactions were announced on Friday, 21 February 2014. 更多阅读
New legislation pertaining to the preconditions for the second instalment of the Cyprus bailout loan
银行和抵押融资业务, 公司法及商法, 房地产法律业务, 信托、遗嘱以及继承
On 5 September, the Cyprus Parliament approved a number of laws that were a precondition for the second installment (EUR 1.5 billion) of the bailout loan. 更多阅读
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