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Doing Business in Cyprus
作者: Chryso Pitsilli - Dekatris, Alexandros Georgiades, Anna Rossides, Pavlos Symeonides
业务领域: 竞争法, 公司法及商法, 信息保护法律业务, 分销、商业特许经营协议, 劳动法以及移民法业务, 知识产权法律业务, 税法业务
出版社: Practical Law Company.
The 16th edition of the PLCCross-border Doing Business in…Handbook provides country-by-country Q&A overviews of the legal system and key law for foreign companies doing business in 58 jurisdictions worldwide. In particular, the chapters examine the rules governing: foreign investment; business vehicles; employment; tax; competition; intellectual property; marketing agreements; e-commerce; data protection; product liability.
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