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Cyprus Chapter - The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Product Liability 2010
作者: Alexandros Georgiades, Victoria-Zoi Papagiannis
业务领域: 公司法及商法, 分销、商业特许经营协议, 欧盟法业务, 诉讼、仲裁与调解
出版社: Global Legal Group Ltd, London.
This article appeared in the 2010 edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Product Liability.

This guide provides the international practitioner and in-house counsel with a comprehensive worldwide legal analysis of the laws and regulations of product liability.

It is divided into two main sections: 15 general chapters. These are designed to provide readers with acomprehensive overview of key product liability issues, particularly from the perspective of a multi-jurisdictional transaction.

Country question and answer chapters. These provide a broad overview of common issues in product liability laws and regulations in 31 jurisdictions.

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