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Landmark IP Decisions of the European Court of Justice (2008-2013)
作者: Alexandros Georgiades, Napoleon Xanthoulis
业务领域: 信息保护法律业务, 知识产权法律业务
出版社: Larcier

This book contains over 40 landmark decisions with respect to copyright, trade marks, databases and design rights, as ruled upon by the European Court of Justice in recent years, which has resolved many essential issues in IP law.

Our firm's contribution to this publication comprises two co-authored case comments (summary and analysis), namely (i) Case C-604/10 on copyright protection of databases constituting sporting fixture lists under the Database Directive 96/9/EC and (ii) Case C-173/11 on the interpretation of the sui generis right under Directive 96/9/EC and location of its infringement in relation to an online database comprised of live data.

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