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Cyprus Chapter - Getting the Deal Through: Enforcement of Foreign Judgements 2017
作者: George Mountis, Yiannis Karamanolis
业务领域: 银行和抵押融资业务, 公司法及商法, 劳动法以及移民法业务, 欧盟法业务, 诉讼、仲裁与调解, 公法及国际私法业务
出版社: Law Business Research Ltd
Representing jurisdictions worldwide, this volume in the Getting The Deal Through series offers expert analysis of the key issues relating to the enforcement of foreign judgments. Our firm's article covers topics including: treaties, regulations and conventions, limitation periods, types of enforceable order, competent courts, defences, judicial requirements and procedures, significance of the enforcing jurisdiction’s public policy to the enforcement of foreign judgments, awards and enforcement process.
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