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European Employment Law Update: 2017 Edition
作者: Yiannis Karamanolis
业务领域: 劳动法以及移民法业务
出版社: Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP

An organisation’s workforce is one of its most important assets. However, for organisations with a pan-European presence, keeping up to date with changes in legislation and best practice can seem like a never-ending task. This is especially true in the area of employment law, where change can be fast paced. With Britain’s impending exit from the European Union, and the consideration of more general questions about the EU’s future direction, more changes are expected in the coming years.

Our firm has collaborated with a number of leading law firms across Europe to create this guide to European labour law changes. In it, recent amendments to labour laws across Europe are summarised and the key reforms being introduced in 2017 are highlighted.

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