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Important interim injunction judgment for our firm’s Intellectual Property (IP) team
业务领域: 知识产权法律业务
Our firm is representing CET21 - a Czech media company that, inter alia, operates the following TV channels: Nova, Nova Cinema, FANDA, SMÍCHOV, Telka, Nova International, Nova sport 1 and Nova sport 2. These channels are distributed in the territory of the Czech Republic, based on the licenses issued by the Czech Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting. A number of CET21´s TV channels, such as Nova sport 1, Nova sport 2 and Nova International are currently also distributed by third parties – business partners of CET21 in the territory of the Slovak Republic. CET21’s TV channels and broadcasting and related services are conducted under various trademarks and designations (logos) that belong exclusively to CET21.
In the specific case our firm is involved in, the defendants (a company registered in Cyprus), were engaged in:
(a) the unauthorised re-transmission in the Slovak Republic of CET21’s broadcasting of Nova and Nova Cinema TV channels, and
(b) the unauthorised use of CET21’s registered NOVA trademarks.
Our IP team managed to obtain, on behalf of the plaintiffs, worldwide absolute orders which prohibit the defendants and/or their directors and/or their officers and/or collaborators and/or employees and/or servants and/or agents and/or licensees and/or subsidiaries from committing any acts of infringement regarding a) the broadcasting rights of the plaintiffs for their channels NOVA and NOVACINEMA b) the copyright to the audiovisual works of the plaintiffs and c) the exclusive trademarks of the plaintiffs.
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