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Seminar: The Rights of Settlor and Beneficiaries under a Trust’
业务领域: 信托、遗嘱以及继承

Partner Georgia Chrysostomides-Mountis and Associates Christia-Lydia Kastellani and Marie Thomas attended a seminar organised by the Cyprus Fiduciary Association on ‘The Rights of Settlor and Beneficiaries under a Trust’, in Nicosia.

The key speakers at the seminar addressed the general legal framework and specific legal issues with regard to the role, rights and obligations of a settlor, trustee and beneficiary under a Cyprus International Trust (“CIT”), as these are set out in the Cyprus International Trusts Law, No. 69(I) of 1992 (as amended). A further, short presentation was made and insights given on Trustee Insurance and its challenges. The seminar concluded with an interesting discussion of real case study scenarios of CITs.


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