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Employment Law Updates
Surrogacy and Maternity Leave
The Protection of Maternity of 1997 (L.100(I)/1997) was recently amended so as to include the concept of surrogacy.
Revised criteria for obtaining the Cypriot citizenship by investment
公司法及商法, 劳动法以及移民法业务
The Cyprus Government, through the Ministry of Interior, has approved revised criteria for granting the Cypriot citizenship by investment, in an effort to further promote foreign direct investments in Cyprus. The Cyprus citizenship program, by way of investment, is now easier to achieve, as the required investment has been reduced from EUR 5 million if applied individually (or  EUR 2.5 million if going through a collective investment scheme), down to  EUR 2 million for all applicants. 更多阅读
Obtaining Cyprus citizenship under the special criteria of the Council of Ministers for investors/entrepreneurs

From the legal perspective Cyprus citizenship is governed by the Civil Registry Law 141/2002 to 2011 and Annex “D” of the Treaty of Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus.  Naturalisation of foreigners is covered by Article 111 of the above law pursuant to which the Minister of Interior has absolute power of discretion to grant citizenship to a foreigner under certain conditions.  However, the power to grant citizenship by exemption on the grounds of public interest under para. 2(f) of the Third Table of the Law of is vested exclusively with the Council of Ministers.

In July, 2007, the Council of Ministers placed certain financial criteria under which foreign investors/entrepreneurs would be naturalized by exemption.  These criteria were revised by more recent decision of the Council of Ministers issued on 10.10.2011 and 24.05.2013.

The following are the criteria and conditions, as approved by the Council of Ministers.

Legislation approved by the Cyprus Parliament, 18 April 2013
劳动法以及移民法业务, 税法业务
The Public Service (Working Time) (Amendment) Regulations of 2012
宪法,公法和行政法, 劳动法以及移民法业务
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