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Company (Amendment) (No2) Law of 2012 [Cap.113]
业务领域: 公司法及商法

Company (Amendment) (No2) Law of 2012 [Cap.113]

Following the submission of a private bill in the plenary of the House, the Parliament has approved a new amendment of the Company Law, Cap.113. In particular, Section 128(1)(a) of the Law was amended so as to also provide for the use of company websites as an additional option for publishing the notice of the general meeting of public companies listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. However, in cases where use of this option is made, the notice shall also be published in the daily press. The said provision was added right after the wording of Section 128(1)(a), according to which “notice of the meeting of a company shall be served on every member of the company in the manner in which notices are required to be served by Table A, and for the purpose of this paragraph the expression 'Table A' means that Table as for the time being in force”.

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