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The Value Added Tax (Amendment) Law 2011
业务领域: 税法业务

The Value Added Tax (Amendment) Law 2011

The above mentioned Law was approved by Parliament on 3rd February, 2011, in order to correct certain provisions of the basic legislation on VAT [Law 95(Ι)/2000 as amended] concerning the submission of the recapitulative statement with regard to the supply of services in another EU member state, the deadline to submit a corrective recapitulative statement and to lay down administrative sanctions in case of failure to meet the registration requirements or the cancellation of registration requirements under Law 13(I)/2010. The purpose of this amendment is to ensure the proper transposition into domestic law of EC Directives 2008/117 and 2008/8. Furthermore, according to this amending Law, the normal VAT rate of 15%, instead of the reduced rate of 5%, shall be applied with regard to the supply of breathing appliances intended for wide use by the public. According to the provisions of Directive 2006/112/EC, a reduced VAT rate with regard to the said medical appliances, is only applied in the case of breathing appliances normally intended to treat disability, for the exclusive personal use of the disabled.

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